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WHD Teleseminar Recordings

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Scientific & Medical Hypnosis Abstracts

More than 1000 abstracts!
(copyright © Alberto Torelli (, 2002-2006)

Here you have a source guide to a lot of hypnosis abstracts.
This page is a handy and a quick review of specialized literature.
The compact synopsis is totally educational and free.
Start NOW to browse, and realize how easy it is to get your info!

Microsoft Word Documents
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As an active supporter and participant for World Hypnotism Day, you are invited to utilize the Handouts here in the list of Member Resources (MSWord documents) to post on your website. You are required to include the following acknowledgement on each document that you post on your website, being sure to leave in tact the link to the world hypnotism day website.
Please be sure to download the file and load on your site. Do not link directly to the files on this site, they are in a password protected directory.

The link will look like this:

Martin Kiely, BCH, CI has produced a tutorial on how to produce your own MP3 files. This is downloadable flash presentation. Download all the parts and save to your PC. Then unzip and play each file. Click here to download the presentation. (There is an ".html" file in each folder. Click on that to start presentation).

Other Martin Kiely contributions:

Chris Handley has contributed his original composition Evolving Earth as a WHD Member Resource - Royalty Free. Download the MP3 and print the Royalty Free Music License. This music is to be used only under the guidelines printed on the accompanying Royalty Free License.
MP3 - Royalty Free Music License

How to Get a Mayoral Proclamation for World Hypnotism Day
Get January 4th proclaimed World Hypnotism Day
in your city or town where you live and/or do business.
Use these files and see how easy it is!
[All MS Word Files]

  1. Protocol for Requesting Mayoral Proclamation [ENG] [SPA]
  2. Sample Mayoral Proclamation [ENG] [FR] [SPA]
  3. Letter to Accompany Sample Proclamation [ENG] [FR] [SPA]

Other Resources
How to Convert MS Word Files to PDF Files [PDF File]

How to host your own WHD Teleconference PDF

WHD Steering Committee:

Tom Nicoli: Chairperson - US Regions Lead

Tom Nicoli: Associations Liaison, TV/Radio Committee Lead, and Technology

Shaun Brookhouse: International Regions Lead

Georgina Cannon: Canada Regions Lead, Print Media Committee Lead

US Regions:

NorthEast Region:
Wendy Packer
Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan

SouthEast Region:
Dan Cleary
Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, DC and Puerto Rico.

Mountain Region:
Gwyneth McNeil
Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Western Region:
Debi Livingston
California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

International Regions:
Shaun Brookhouse - International Lead

Country Region Leads:

Australia: Susy Hall
Cyprus: Annie Pattichi
Denmark: Tonny Christensen
Germany, Austria & Switzerland: Olf Stoiber
Hong Kong / S.A.R. China: Allen Tang
India: Umesh Sharma
Italy: Alberto Torelli
Ireland: Martin Kiely
Kuwait: Waleed Al rujaib
Lebanon: - Mona Santl
Mexico: Juan Ugalde
Taiwan/China: Elliott Chen
Thailand: John Krukowski
UK: Angela Slattery

Canada Regions:
Georgina Cannon - Canada Lead

Province Regions Lead:
Zoe Pepler

WHD Committees:
Tom Nicoli - WHD Chairman, US Regions Lead, Associations Liason, TV/Radio
Shaun Brookhouse - International Regions Lead
Georgina Cannon - Canada Regions Lead, Print Media
Martin Kiely - Ireland Lead, Audio & Video Production
Craig Eubanks - Marketing
Keith Jennison - Internet/Website/Technical
Carol Denicker - Internet Marketing
Nancy Jannino - Administrative
Ralph Benko - Government Relations Advisor
Linda Parker - Publicity & Marketing
Rev. C. Scot Giles - Legal Issues